Intuitive Terrain

A New Paradigm of Wholism in Oncology

From Cancer to Cancering

Intuitive Terrain

Hippocrates Kitchen

with Jess Kelley

Intuitive SUSTENANCE Diet


: something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive
: something that gives support, help, or strength

Intuitive Terrain


Food as Medicine

Intuitive Terrain

Practitioner Trainings

with Dr. Nasha Winters


Welcome to Namaste Health Center’s Intuitive Terrain Blog, the “IT” place to go for oncology resources, news, and tools.

Namaste Health Center’s approach focuses on the body’s terrain versus the cancer site. This way of looking at cancer allows us to see the why versus solely the what. The approach is holistic, focusing on mind, body, spirit, and emotional components that drive imbalance and illness in the body. The work of our practitioners is grounded in scientific research and years of mentoring under well-known oncology MDs and NDs across the nation.

This blog is an effort to help bring the information and resources generated out of Namaste Health Center and by Dr. Nasha Winters and the rest of the practitioners of Namaste to individuals journeying through cancer from around the world.

Thank you for your time, and we hope this assists you on your road!

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"The wound is the place where the light enters." ~ Rumi